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Unstoppable Church

Embracing God's Development Plan

96 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Hugh Osgood invites readers to reimagine their role within the Church. Osgood challenges the conventional perception of ministry and explores a profound idea: What if God's calling is not about speaking to thousands but ministering to one person at a time? In this thought-provoking journey, Osgood navigates the dichotomy between aspiring for a grand platform and the significance of individual callings. Drawing from biblical narratives, particularly the momentous Pentecost, he emphasizes how every believer can hear God's call to discipleship as distinctly as the first twelve apostles did. The book reframes the essence of discipleship, illuminating that following Jesus isn’t just about securing a new relationship but a transformative journey. Osgood's personal anecdotes, including his own encounter with faith, underscore the pivotal shift from being a stagnant "stone" to a vibrant "living stone" within the Church. "Unstoppable Church" doesn't just dwell on theoretical concepts; it delves into practical aspects. It explores how God has ingeniously designed a diverse yet cohesive discipleship plan for His Church. Osgood highlights the importance of unity within diversity and the impact it can have on local communities. The narrative weaves through historical perspectives, sharing insights from New Testament churches and experiences from South London, illustrating the tangible effects of embracing God's discipleship plan. Osgood invites readers to participate actively in this plan, embracing leadership not as a pedestal but as a means to serve and model discipleship. With clarity and fervor, Osgood propels readers to engage in a holistic discipleship journey. He paints a vision where churches, regardless of size or structure, play integral roles in fostering growth, learning, commitment, and mutual support within the Body of Christ. "Unstoppable Church" ignites a fervent desire to rekindle love, grace, and truth within the Church. Osgood's narrative ultimately emphasizes that the power of the Church lies not in its grandeur but in its resilience to grow individually and collectively, embodying God's transformative plan for His people.
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Hugh Osgood ===========

Hugh Osgood is passionate about ‘whole church’ discipleship, whether the church concerned is community focussed, city focussed, or serving at the heart of a network. Over the years he has sought to put his passion into practice in all of these areas, while showing his commitment to inter-church collaboration through his academic work as well as in the national roles he has held.