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Raised Up!

Resurrection Testimonies

172 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Raised Up! is a remarkable exploration of the subject of resurrection and its timeless significance. Julia Stevens intricately weaves together the power of resurrection from the dead and the transformative reality of the ‘resurrected life’ in Jesus, our Messiah. Julia writes concerning the kingdom truths of God’s Word, where the life of, and in Christ Jesus transcends mortality, where His radiant presence lights ‘The Way’, and where ordinary lives become witnesses to extraordinary resurrection miracles. You will find a remarkable resurrection testimony in each chapter. Focusing on Holy Scripture truth, Raised Up! shed lights about resurrection as a divine eternal promise – a testament to life in Christ, triumphing over death and darkness. Guided by the Holy Spirit, the wisdom of early church fathers, rabbinical teaching, and modern research, Raised Up! establishes the profound impact of eyewitness accounts, as Julia interlaces historical testimonies with contemporary narratives, forging a vivid testament to resurrection as an enduring reality. With each turn of the page, Raised Up! is like a beacon of hope, encouraging readers to walk their transformative journey of faith with God. Julia Stevens’ narrative kindles the fire of faith, reminding us continually of the eternal promise of resurrected life and inspiring a profound trust in the risen Messiah. Immerse yourself in these pages, let your heart be reignited with faith in the miraculous and an unwavering confidence in the risen Saviour.
Author Bio
Julia Stevens =============

Julia Stevens is the author of the book ‘Like Him’, which outlines her families dramatic testimony and gives inspirational, teaching and revelation about identity in Jesus.

She has a high degree in creative writing and religious studies from Chichester University. Julia is part of the worship team at her local church, where she sings, plays the harp and leads intercession.