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When Jesus Met Hippies

The Story and Legacy of the Jesus People Movement in the UK

352 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Step into the mesmerizing world of the 1960s and 70s, where counterculture clashes, societal shifts, and spiritual quests set the stage for a transformation unlike any other. Embark on a captivating journey through 'When Jesus met Hippies,' a profound exploration that delves deep into the powerful ripples of the Jesus People Movement (JPM). Akin to a revival, a revolution, and a movement rolled into one, this movement turned hippies into unwavering followers of Jesus. Traversing over half a century, from the birth of the JPM to our modern era, this compelling book contemplates the enduring legacy of a heaven-sent revival that many believe had the potency to reshape faith and culture. Was it truly a revival, a spiritual awakening, or a singular movement with its own distinct identity? Step back to the colourful streets of post-war America where the JPM found its roots, led by once-hippie converts who took to the streets to share their newfound faith with kindred spirits. Set against a backdrop of a church grappling to relate to the evolving counterculture, this vibrant movement emerged, captivating headlines and hearts alike. Commune-style houses became centres of discipleship, and the fire ignited within the new believers, crossed borders, reaching Europe and beyond. 'When Jesus Met Hippies' adeptly navigates the multitude of perspectives that envelop the JPM. Was it a revival, steeped in centuries of spiritual tradition? Or was it a revolution, a profound upheaval of hearts and minds in sync with history's awakenings? Scholars, historians, and participants all contribute, each vantage point revealing intricate layers. Even as the movement faded, its resonance persisted, adapting into new forms and inspiring missions that safeguarded its spirit. Zooming in, the book unravels intimate stories interwoven with the JPM – a mosaic of lives molded by its transformative power. Expanding to a wider lens, the American landscape unfolds, spotlighting the movement's dynamic evolution. Simultaneously, across the Atlantic, a symphony of echoes blends with local melodies. 'When Jesus Met Hippies' beckons you to journey into history, to mull over a legacy that dared to redefine faith, culture, and community. Engage with spirited debates, immerse yourself in personal narratives, and peel back the layers of a movement whose resonance remains. Meticulous research and insightful analysis fill these pages, capturing the essence of a generation's quest for truth and purpose, and how its echoes linger on in our world. As the fifty-year jubilee of the JPM passes, the call for revival resounds more urgently than ever. Could we be on the brink of another transformation? Venture into 'When Jesus Met Hippies' and unlock the past, unravel the present, and catch a glimpse of a future shaped by the enduring echoes of a movement that irrevocably altered the course of history. 'When Jesus met Hippies' hands the baton of revival to a new generation of Christian leaders.
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Andrew Whitman ==============

Andrew Whitman was born in 1953. University introduced him to a hippy lifestyle, but in 1971, his siblings embraced Christianity. Drawn to a Christian rock musical in 1973, he found faith for himself. After a transformative encounter with Jesus, he immersed himself in the Bible and fellowship. His journey led to involvement in Campus Crusade for Christ, forming a Christian rock band, and ultimately, lifelong ministry.