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Gate Happy

About Leaving prison

80 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
"She stood there in front of him, her head bowed down as he lambasted her with an aggressive speech. I didn’t understand the language, but I got the gist, and it wasn’t pleasant! ‘Hold on,’ I thought, ‘hasn’t he read the script?’ Whatever script he was reciting, it wasn’t the one she was expecting. Forty-five seconds into his dialogue and I’d had enough. She didn’t deserve this, no-one does. I walked past him with a glare and walked up to the woman and wished her all the best for the day, with the biggest smile I could muster. He stopped his verbal abuse and turned around, walked to the car park with his wife and son trailing behind." Many of the women Simeon Sturney has come across in his role as prison chaplain have lost hope, resigned themselves to a life that leaves them vulnerable. Even though they put on a show of bravado, low self-esteem, depression and anxiety are never too far away. Gate Happy is a collection of articles highlighting the issues many people face as they leave prison. Simeon writes as an ambassador and advocate for the importance of Through The Gate support, as well as a prison chaplain and experienced Through The Gate practitioner.
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Simeon Sturney ==============

Simeon Sturney has worked in a prison setting for over eighteen years, as a seconded Probation Service Officer and a Chaplain – including having been a Managing Chaplain. He is also the author of One Mile to Make A Difference which is a semi-autobiographical book sharing his journey as a Christian Chaplain. In it he invites the reader on the same journey many women take as they leave prison.