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Rising Through Adversity

How do we Journey with Hope Through the Difficulties of Life to Find True Riches?

Judith Beecham

160 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Challenges in life can deeply wound us, wear us down or bring disillusionment. They can also be an invitation to go on a deeper journey of the soul and into the loving heart of God. Rising Through Adversity will help unblock the streams of joy and release the richer abundant life we long for. It is for those going through tough times, for the wounded hearts who long to be free, and those who want a greater freedom and fruitfulness in their lives. It takes an honest look at adversity or dry times and how to walk through them well and come out richer for them; how they can be a doorway to a deep healing of the soul and encounter with God. Through reflections from personal experience, practical prayer points and art to touch the heart, this book brings hope and signposts to a deeper, richer walk of wholeness .
Author Bio
Judith Beecham ==============

Judith Beecham was thriving in a high-pressure job, active, sporty and back from a round the world trip when she came down with debilitating ME and Lyme Disease. She has had a long and challenging road of recovery. During this time, she also sadly lost her closest friend to cancer.