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A Light is Dawning in the Darkness

Robert Munday

388 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
When Sarah, who runs away for love, is abandoned by her husband Abbas, she returns with her young son Issa to face the hostility of her home village, Bethlehem, and life as a single mother. A chance encounter on the road home not only alerts her to the imminent danger of murderous King Herod, but also forges a friendship with kindred spirit Mary, which awakens a new and simple faith in her that she tries to live out and instil in her son Issa. Enduring ostracism, prejudice and rejection by the religious establishment, Sarah and Issa struggle to find their way in the village, but they discover friends in the gruff but kindly shepherd Daniel, fiercely loyal but inscrutable deaf mute Moshe, and free-spirited Miryam. But there is something new in the air they all seek to understand and, through characters and events better known from the biblical gospel stories, the good news of the Kingdom preached by John and Yeshua touches each of their lives. Years later, when tragedy, circumstances and bad choices have caused them to go their own separate ways, their lives converge again in the momentous events of the first Easter and the weeks that follow, when each of them encounter love, healing and forgiveness in their own particular and life-changing way.
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Robert Munday =============

Rob Munday was born in Switzerland in 1950 and studied Dentistry at Guy’s Hospital, London. For a number of years, he lived with his family among the Wichí Indians of North Argentina, and later, in UK, worked as a Special Needs Dentist. Now retired, he lives with his wife Tricia on a narrowboat in the travelling boater community at the western end of the Kennet and Avon Canal. They have three married children and nine grandchildren.