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Embrace the Journey

Becky Murray's Story

Becky Murray Ralph Turner Bill Wilson

172 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Becky Murray is someone who sees needs and responds. Whether it’s street children in Pakistan, orphans in Kenya or girls at risk of human trafficking across the world, she is there, when these kids need someone the most; someone who is an extension of Christ at work. Her charity, OneByOne has grown into such an incredible organisation that is reaching thousands of lives. As you read this book you will quickly discover there is more to it than what we so easily call destiny. You will feel the providence of God in each word and story. Becky’s life was changed by a preposition, by the word ‘INTO’. . . she dared to go (into) the world and today children by the thousands are benefitting from her obedience. People of providence have a window of opportunity that they must step through and this is exactly what has taken place in Becky Murray’s life. She has crawled into the eyes of Jesus and seen the abandoned, the broken and the defenceless as He would see them. She is an answer to prayer for many and her boldness takes her into places others would never dare to go. Her life is a challenge to those who feel the call to mission on their life.
Author Bio
Becky Murray ============

Becky Murray is the founder and president of One By One. She is the author of ‘Mother Bumala’ and speaks regularly at churches and conferences across the world. She is also the founder of the Dignity Project and co-leads Renew Church, Uttoxeter, UK, with her husband Matthew. Becky is also the host of Embrace The Journey, to be seen on TBN UK. She has also featured on BBC, UCB, Premier Radio, Revelation TV and the 700 Club.

Bill Wilson ===========

Founder, Metro World Child