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Living in Sonship

Revelation from the Father Heart of God

Henk Bruggeman

200 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Henk Bruggeman contends that the church will only be completely transformed when we are prepared to trust Him in absolutely everything, that is, when we move from independence to total dependence. Only when we receive this new revelation of the Father heart of God, can we truly experience a place of deeper, more personal intimacy with the Father. This book will help us discover who God the Father truly is and also the 'yet to be' discovered potential in us.
Author Bio
Henk Bruggeman ==============

Henk Bruggeman has been associated with Youth with a Mission for many years. From 1994 the revelation of the Father's heart of God radically changed his life. Henk and his wife Anneke now lead the Father House Movement, through which they bring the revelation of the Father's heart to God in more than 13 countries on 4 continents.