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A Vision for Growing Churches, Leaders and Mission

Colin Baron Tom O’Toole Tim Simmonds

200 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Many church leaders believe that the most effective way to fruitful kingdom ministry is by growing a large church, but what if this big church dream is actually inhibiting us from seeing the quantity and quality of impact that we long for? Over the last twenty-five years of ministry in Manchester, England, Colin Baron has been pioneering a different approach; planting smaller, inter-connected congregations throughout the city that operate together as one church. Strong enough together for each survive and thrive, and yet small and dispersed enough to penetrate into the region in a way that growing one big church would never be able to do. Multiplanting describes the journey Colin, and his team at Christ Church, have been on to fulfil a vision of multiplying church congregations across one region of northern England.
Author Bio
Colin Baron =========== Colin Baron is a church planter with a gift for identifying and developing your leaders. He is the senior leader of Christ Church Manchester England. Colin also travels widely to help senior leaders in a variety of settings develop and implement strategy for growth. Colin and his wife Mary, have three children and multiple grandchildren. Tom O’Toole =========== Tom O’Toole moved to Manchester, England, in 2011 with his wife Emma after feeling called by God to the city and to planting churches across Manchester that worked together as one church. When he found out that Colin Baron was doing just that, he quickly joined up and became part of the team at Christ Church Manchester, were he is an elder, manages church operations and leads the City Centre site as well as being a father to two young children. Tim Simmonds ============ Tim Simmonds is the Executive Pastor at Christ Church Manchester. He has planted sites of CCM in Fallowfield and Burnage as well as helping get a few of the others started.