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Dave the Donkey

Andrew McDonough

32 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Jerusalem. A lone rider approaches. The cheering crowd swarm to greet him. The King has come, mounted upon his mighty steed Dave the Donkey! Join Dave, his Grandpa, and Jesus in this epic Easter tale of power, courage, death, and resurrection. If you like Black Beauty, you will love Dave the Donkey. Based on Mark 11:1-10. When Jesus wanted to change lives, He told stories. That's what the Lost Sheep series is all about. At the center of the stories is Jesus. Some stories are about Him, some are by Him, but all of them point to Him. The series takes the spirituality of children seriously but also believe the Gospel is fun.
Author Bio
Andrew McDonough ================ As a young Bible college student, Andrew McDonough was asked to give the "children's talk" at a large church. He possessed one talent: he could draw sheep. He drew up the story of Cecil. The congregation loved it, so McDonough continued to draw stories to use with kids and adults which has become a series of more than 30 books!