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Global Humility:Attitudes to Mission

Andy McCullough

272 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
The aspect that need straining, more than any other in cross-cultural workers, is humility. Pride and mission are polar opposites. Pride pollutes mission, but the mission of Christ is humble mission. How dare we turn up with all the answers when you don’t even know what questions people are asking? This book should be useful and provocative for cross-cultural Christian workers and candidates, for those involved in multicultural cities in their own nations, for sending pastors, and for anyone whose ministry or Christian walk takes them across cultural divides. The book is made up of six sections: Moral Humility (Thinking About Sin), Public Humility (Thinking About the World), Semantic Humility (Thinking About Language), Intercultural Humility (Thinking About Differences), Incarnational Humility (Thinking about Mission), and Theological Humility (Thinking about Thinking).
Author Bio
Andy McCullough ===============

Andy McCullough was born and grew up in Cyprus, is married to Jessica, who is South African, and has four children born in the UK but grew up in the Middle East. He is involved in planting churches and coaching church planters and is an avid student of language, culture, mission and the Bible. He is currently based in Reading, UK