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Left to Die but Loved by God

God's Amazing Love for a Refugee Woman

244 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Left to Die But Loved By God highlights some of today's major world issues seen through the lens of the biblical story of Hagar.

Throughout the book, John McCreedy takes the reader on a journey, examining the turbulent story of Hagar and what her story teaches us today about contemporary issues such as the refugee crisis, modern day slavery, racism, and homelessness.

The book concludes by looking at the subject of forgiveness and using the story of the unlikely reconciliation between Ishmael and Isaac, presents a view of a possible peace through Jesus Christ between all three Abrahamic faiths: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism and other religions.
Author Bio
John McCreedy was a journalist for 15 years and a well-known broadcaster in Northern Ireland before entering full-time ministry. McCreedy and his wife were missionaries in Romania for almost a decade before returning to Northern Ireland.