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Clean and Renewable Energy

Jovan Pehcevski

354 pages
Arcler Education Inc
This edition covers different topics from clean and renewable energy, including solar and wind energy, smart grids, analysis of renewable energy, and case studies from different countries. Section 1 focuses on solar and wind energy, describing technical properties of wind and solar photovoltaic power; improving the power generation performance of a solar tower using thermal updraft wind; wind-solar hybrid electrical power production to support national grid: case study – Jordan; and overview of research on optimization of integrated solar/wind power generation systems. Section 2 focuses on smart grids, describing energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies using smart grids; perspective on the future of distribution: smart grids, state of the art, benefits and research plans; framework for qualifying and evaluating smart grids approaches: focus on multi-agent technologies; energy efficiency in smart grid: a prospective study on energy management systems; voltage control in smart grids: an approach based on sensitivity theory. Section 3 focuses on analysis of renewable energy, describing reliability evaluation of renewable energy share in power systems; a new approach for converting renewable energy to stable energy; powering renewable programs: the utility perspective; and technical analysis and enlightenment of renewable energy. Section 4 focuses on case studies from different countries, describing a GIS methodology for planning sustainable renewable energy deployment in Portugal; necessity of the development of standards for renewable energy technologies in Nigeria; the development of the renewable energy technologies in Spain; the development of electricity grid, smart grid and renewable energy in Taiwan; evaluation of renewable energy vulnerability to climate change in brazil: a case study of biofuels and solar energy.
Author Bio
Jovan obtained his PhD in Computer Science from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia in 2007. His research interests include big data, business intelligence and predictive analytics, data and information science, information retrieval, XML, web services and service-oriented architectures, and relational and NoSQL database systems. He has published over 30 journal and conference papers and he also serves as a journal and conference reviewer. He is currently working as a Dean and Associate Professor at European University in Skopje, Macedonia.