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Urban Forest Ecosystem Management

Syed Wajahat

283 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Urban Forest Ecosystem Management provides a detailed information related to urban forests and its importance for the humanlives. Urban forest ecosystem is exposed to various disturbancesassociated with the urban environment and demands for propermanagement and sustainable practices. Various methodologiesrelated to the implementation of urban forest ecosystem frameworkhave been outlined along with the components and managementplan required for the urban forest ecosystem management. Readers will getthe opportunity to learn various application of ecosystem management. It will helpreaders in improving their understanding of urban forests by elaborating the evolutionof city forest.
Author Bio
Syed Wajahat Husain Jaafry has a PhD in Ecology from School of Ecological and Environmental Sciences,East China Normal University, Shanghai, China. He did his Masters in Environmental Sciences fromthe College of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Punjab University, Pakistan in 2010. He worked as anEnvironmental Inspector at the Government of Punjab, Pakistan for more than two years and also as aresearch scholar at the College of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Punjab. Syed has adeepest interest in Urban Forest Environment and has gained valuable experience in managing urbanecosystem during his professional career as a researcher and Environmental Inspector.