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The Daily Practice of Life

Practical Reflections Toward Meaningful Living

Walt Shelton

207 pages
Crosslink Publishing

Having a practice-oriented approach is essential for meaningful living as a Christian or otherwise. Is that realistic?

In The Daily Practice of Life, Walt Shelton, one of the most read faith columnists in Texas, shares a workable perspective. Nicole Villalpando of the Austin American-Statesman says he "brings Christianity...in a way that feels inclusive of people of all faiths, yet he's very secure in his own religious tradition."

How can we start each day with a step toward qualitative living? Jesus shows us a routine that anyone can personalize toward reflecting his life-model and teachings.

This book's fresh combination of real-life events, biblical insights, and nuggets from other traditions will enhance readers' journeys.

In contrast to building walls with gates opening only to creeds matching one's own, this book helps readers:

  • create a personal routine integrating faith and practical realities;
  • draw on past ups and downs to improve focus on now and offer hope for a brighter future;
  • turn life experiences into parables with wisdom for more informed choices;
  • open up and respectfully listen and learn within and outside our own tradition; and
  • amplify commonalities that implement the heart of all authentic religions.
Author Bio
Walt Shelton is one of the most read faith columnists in Texas over the last decade. Grounded in history and religion degrees, a lifetime studying the Bible, and reflection on experiences and other traditions, he has led Christian and inter-faith discussion groups for more than thirty years.