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Ronald Reagan's Religious Beliefs

Stephen Vicchio

521 pages
Crosslink Publishing

Ronald Reagan was arguably the most religious of our presidents, able to cite chapter and verse of many passages in both the Old and New Testaments. Yet very little has been written about Ronald Reagan's religious views or the major influences that shaped them.

This book explores Reagan's early religious life, and examines his views on God, atheism, the Bible, freedom, prayer, ethics, abortion, infanticide, the separation of church and state, religious toleration, the problem of evil, and immortality and eternal life.

Author Bio
Before retiring, Dr. Vicchio taught philosophy and biblical studies for 43 years, most at Notre Dame of Maryland University in Baltimore. He is the author of two dozen other books, including biography, plays, essays, philosophy, and biblical studies. He has also authored books on Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln's religions.