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Discovering Hidden Treasure in Plain Sight

New Understandings from Beloved Passages

Jessica Hurtado

251 pages
Crosslink Publishing

Every scripture is a clue. Every scripture is a new revelation. Every scripture is a newly discovered treasure.

Is your bible-reading time filled with unanswered questions? It's time to read the scripture, receive a revelation, and apply that fresh revelation to your daily living. Join Jessica as she journeys with you helping you break down the word of God that it may become a newly discovered treasure that can be applied to your everyday living.

Each daily reading includes Scripture references.

Author Bio
Jessica Hurtado boasts 4 degrees, including an M.B.A., and 18 years of analytical experience. She uses her analytical background as she partners with the Holy Spirit to minister to the body of Christ through the text left for us to study (analyze): the Word of God.