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I'm a 2 Rule Girl

Karon Phillips

103 pages
Crosslink Publishing

Let's make it simple. Let's throw out the oversized rule book and get where we've been wanting to get all along. Let's follow the rules Jesus gave us – only 2 – and find a new way, a new peace, a new life. Let's start now.

“What is the most important command?” they asked Him. “Love God, love others,” Jesus said.

No list needed, no way to fail, nothing to fear.

We can relax, rest and renew because when we follow these 2 rules, we follow all the others. We've all had enough of the gotta-do-this, can't-do-that and what's-the-matter-with-you? struggle that gets us nowhere. Come along today with Karon in simplicity, peace, joy and abundance:

  • love God and others in the moment, the mess and the majesty
  • develop the habits of a 2-Rule Girl
  • trust your “gratifence” and be who God made you to be
  • answer Jesus' question: "what do you want?"

Deepen your trust to a place you've never known, discover and grow the wisdom you never thought you had. Know new strength, courage, power and grace.

**Study Guide and Resources included Make it simple: love God, love other, love your life like never before. Y

ou're a 2-Rule Girl!

Author Bio
Karon Phillips is an author and speaker hopelessly dependent on the majesty in everyday life lived out in the simple and profound. Always searching for Jesus in others, she’s never disappointed. She breathes abundance, joy and gratitude and trusts her own tagline in everything: "receiving grace, reflecting God."