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A Guide to Christian Administration

Timothy M. Farabaugh

188 pages
Crosslink Publishing
If you are a clergyperson who has a church staff or a Christian who supervises others in a business, this book is one that will explain the "servant leadership" model of administration and give examples of how it can be employed. "Servant Leadership" turns the normal pyramid of administration with the CEO in the top, upside-down and has the supervisor on the bottom teaching, directing, and providing resources for those he/she supervises Whether you are new to management or have done it for twenty years, reading about this method of leadership will inspire and challenge you to be a better supervisor who is able to achieve better results by empowering those you lead.
Author Bio
Rev. Farabaugh is a United Methodist pastor who has served both in the local church setting and in long-term care administration. This experience provided him an opportunity to work in the for-profit and the not-for-profit business world.