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A Pilot's Accident Review

An in-depth look at high-profile accidents that shaped aviation rules and procedures

John Lowery William B. Scott

296 pages
Aviation Supplies & Acad Inc

This is the eBook (epub) edition of this title.

In A Pilot's Accident Review, starting on the premise that we often learn best by reviewing the mistakes of others, author John Lowery compiles an in-depth analysis of high-profile—as well as some not so well-known—aviation accidents. He illustrates the potential dangers during each phase of flight and the psychology behind pilot error, effectively demonstrating how a chain of errors, often originating from a pilot's support team, can lead to fatal crashes. Lowery discusses at length the JFK, Jr. and Concorde accidents, and those involving Frank Sinatra's mother, Reba McIntire's band, John Denver and Wiley Post.

A Pilot's Accident Review provides pilots with a closer look at safety procedures in intense circumstances, such as flying through extreme weather or hazardous environments, and is designed to build awareness of the most preventable factors in pilot error—including the primary causes of controlled flight into terrain (CFIT) and loss of control (LOC). Carefully reviewed are the human factors that can precipitate accidents—particularly complacency, overconfidence, and compulsion.

Most books that address aircraft accidents are written for accident investigators or government entities. Many organizations in the aviation industry make an effort to avoid discussing accidents directly, or show photos of wrecked or damaged aircraft. Instead, this book goes straight to the accidents' causes from a prevention viewpoint, in order to help pilots as well as investigators gain insight on them.

The author firmly believes that by understanding the factors that cause accidents, we can train to be safer, more effective pilots-in-command. This book is an ideal textbook addition to aviation safety, accident investigation, and human factors courses, yet is written in a clear and direct style that can speak to and benefit all kinds of fliers and aviation industry employees.

Author Bio

Author John Lowery has been a flight instructor since 1961. He first soloed a Piper J-3 Cub on June 4, 1944 at age 16. Then, after graduating from Auburn University in 1951, he spent 23 years in the U.S.A.F. flying a variety of high performance aircraft. During a brief break in service in late 1955 he flew DC-3s for Western Airlines as a First Officer. He returned to the Air Force and subsequently lived and flew all over the world. Following his retirement from the Air Force in January 1975, he spent the next 24 years as a practicing flight instructor and FAA-Designated Pilot Proficiency Examiner in the Sabreliner corporate jet. In addition he was for some time a Pilot Examiner in the King Air turbo-prop series and various light airplanes.

Mr. Lowery holds an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate with numerous type ratings, a Commercial with single and multi-engine sea ratings and an instrument/multi-engine flight instructors' certificate. In the process he accumulated more than 13,500 flying hours. Concurrently he earned a Masters Degree in Aeronautical Science from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, and taught for ERAU as an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Aeronautical Science at the University's night campus at McClellan A.F.B California, teaching both graduate and undergraduate courses in Corporate Aviation Management and Aircraft Accident Investigation. He remains active today as an aviation writer and consultant in selected aircraft accidents. Books by the author include "Anatomy of a Spin" published by Airguide Publications, and "Professional Pilot," published originally by Iowa State University Press, now in its third edition published and distributed by ASA.

William B. Scott: Retired; formerly the Western Bureau Chief for Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine; author of Space Wars, Counterspace and The Permit.