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Everybody Knows This is Nowhere

John McFetridge

336 pages
Ecw Press
The joke? Toronto thinks it’s the centre of some multicultural universe, always bragging about how people come from every part of the world to live there. The punch line? Some of them are coming to commit crimes. So yeah, Sharon MacDonald's got a problem — Ray; he’s too good-looking. But she knows what everybody knows. The whole world might be coming here, but this is nowhere. Detective Gord Bergeron has problems too. Maybe it’s his new partner, Ojibwa native Detective Armstrong. Or maybe it’s the missing ten-year-old girl, or the unidentified torso dumped in an alley behind a motel, or what looks like corruption deep within the police force.
Author Bio
John McFetridge, author also of Dirty Sweet and Swap, became fascinated with crime when attending a murder trial at age twelve with his police officer brother. McFetridge has also co-written a short story collection, Below the Line. He lives in Toronto with his family, and writes regular updates on his website (johnmcfetridge.ca).