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Nowhere Fast

Yashin Blake

170 pages
Ecw Press
The devil meets his match in a Bathurst Street laundromat. A Vietnam vet’s sister is terrified by his unexpected return. The kid who spends too much time in the garage fixates on the battle of Midway — and then breaks all the rules at the high school talent show. A middle-aged social worker’s job moves in with him. Over-priced coffee gets served and an old piano teacher finally learns who McCoy Tyner is. In Nowhere Fast, Yashin Blake’s riveting debut collection of short fiction, the world is uncere-moniously unplugged — his characters confront the fallout, the stillness, and silence, with a new, devastating vulnerability. And you will too.
Author Bio
Yashin Blake writes in his Toronto basement, listening to Slayer, while his family sleeps upstairs. In the mornings he leaves to teach an adult literacy class.