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It’s Always The Heart Bible Study Guide

Arthur Constantine MD

110 pages
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This is an introspective ten-week companion Bible study guide that complements the book It's Always the Heart, written by cardiologist Arthur E. Constantine, MD. It is intended to engage you and lead you on a spiritual journey with thought-provoking questions about the issues of the heart that affect us all. It is designed to identify areas of weakness where the heart needs changing and stimulate personal reflection, enabling you to find answers that allow the heart to evolve into a healthy spiritual and physical state to live the life God intended. Included in the study guide are insightful questions, Bible references, and meditation points. These are intended to inspire you and the study group to a deeper exploration of the binding of the physical and spiritual heart.
Author Bio
Arthur E. Constantine, MD, earned a medical degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and did a cardiology fellowship at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Georgia. He is a cardiologist practicing at the Heart Group/St. Thomas Heart at St. Thomas Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee.