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On the Wings of Inspiration

Exploring Our Inner Life Through Interpretive Symbols

Cheryl Metrick Jeree Wade, MA

124 pages
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On The Wings of Inspiration: Exploring Our Inner Life through Interpretive Symbols was written in collaboration by two authors: Cheryl Metrick, and Jeree Wade, MA. The book is based on a collection of drawings and poems Cheryl created from spontaneous inspiration where she says, They fell out of my head. These inspirational poems are descriptive of the drawings. The premise of the book is not only to explore the interpretation of the art itself, but to journey into the drawings to find more personal meaning within. The authors lead the readers to take a personal inner journey to self-awareness and inner growth. Cheryl writes interpretations and feelings about each drawing in a narrative, which at times is autobiographical, as she takes her journey through the pictures. Jerees commentary and workbook sections delve into symbolism to guide readers through an analytical process to achieve greater awareness, become mindful, and set guidelines in the continued pursuit of a purposeful and fulfilling life.

Topics from the metaphysical philosophies to spirituality, humanitarianism, ecology, and energy systems are explored. The workbook sections include a wide range of themes: compassion, intention and focus, manifestation, balance, transformation, maturation, renewal, self-knowledge, self-sabotage, self-awareness, death, letting go, and the meaning of time. A guided process supports the reader to move into a place that is more peaceful and more centered to understand and implement lifes lessons.

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CHERYL METRICK: Author, Artist, Poet, Actor, Singer, Songwriter - - Member: SAG-AFTRA; AEA; GIAA; BMI; Society of Singers; LIIFE: Filmmakers Connection -- NY actor in theater, TV and film, Cheryl Metrick held principal roles in independent films, commercials, infomercials, voice-overs and a L.I. Cable variety show. There Are Angels (music & lyrics by Cheryl) recorded with live string orchestra to Frank Owens' arrangement won several songwriting contests. COMING SOON: New CD of Cheryl's own songs TBA. Singing pop, jazz, and classic rock to standards and musical theatre, Cheryl has performed at many NY Catskill Mountain resorts/ hotels as well as cabaret clubs, charitable events and industrials. Cheryl Metrick: Fantasy & Romance is a recording of a live cabaret performance. JUST RELEASED: her new CD, On the Wings of Inspiration: 13 Meditations. These guided meditations are journeys of the mind. (written/ recited by Cheryl, music composed/ played by Frank Owens). Facebook pages: ON THE WINGS OF INSPIRATION: Exploring Our Inner Life…; CHERYL METRICK: THERE ARE ANGELS (dedicated to her song and to angels in general.) She also has many international fans on Radio Airplay (internet radio station.) cherylmetrick.com, onthewingsofinspiration.com.

JEREE WADE, MA: Life Coach, Counselor, Producer and Performer - - Jeree Wade, MA, is in private practice specializing in life coaching, counseling, and healing workshops. She supports her clients in exploring self-empathy as well as self-responsibility, plus focuses on issues of self-confidence and productivity. With a degree in theatre arts and a master's degree in counseling psychology, Ms. Wade created and has conducted Serenity Seminars over the last 20 yrs. Until she attained her graduate degree in 1995, Jeree enjoyed a career as a professional singer/actress. This attracts many working artists to her practice and seminars. She continues to perform and produce shows as she maintains her private practice, small groups and seminars, and is happy balancing both careers simultaneously. She does so ethically and with integrity. serenityseminars.com, theserenityseminarsmiracleconversations.com