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How Meg Changed Her Mind

Ethel Coffey Betty Schweitzer-Johnson

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Meg, feeling sad and lonely, believes her life is ruined. She is sure it is all Baylee’s fault. Her friend, Sabera the quail, helps her to look at things in a new way. Visit Meg, Baylee, and some of their desert neighbors, to find out how Meg changed her mind.
Author Bio
After working as a special educator and reading specialist for thirty-four years, Ethel K Coffey was ready to follow a new path. She began writing children’s stories that playfully offer positive ways to help children navigate through some of life’s challenges. She hopes to bring pleasure and inspiration to children and their significant adults. Of seven children’s books she has written thus far, How Meg Changed Her Mind is Ethel’s second published book. Cloud Watchers, which she self-published, was her first. A native of Tucson, Arizona, Ethel’s settings and characters reflect her love of the Sonoran Desert. Ethel lives with her husband (the real Baylee) and two cats outside of Tucson, Arizona.