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Best When Broken

Even the Young Grow Weary and Tired, and Young Men Stumble and Fall

Scott Coleman

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At seventeen, Scott Coleman was living a charmed life. A talented young athlete with dreams of playing football for his favorite college, he had a supportive, faithful family who gave him a strong work ethic and knowledge of the gift of the grace of God. Even so, he now recalls that he completely bought into the lie of what happiness and success looked like”wealth, health, parties, superstardom on the athletic field, and popularity knocking at his door. Everything changed for him, however, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, when he found himself face down in the water, paralyzed from the neck down after having taken a deep dive in shallow water while skiing. He believed at that moment that his life was over”that he was headed straight to eternity. As he lay helpless, he found himself embarrassed that he had been so blessed and had taken it all for granted.Best When Broken shares the testimony of Scott's life”and yet it is a story not about him, but instead about the grace of God. Through that grace, Scott has lived a wonderful life, filled with miracles produced by the love, prayers, and encouragement of those in his life. His testimony shows that every moment is a gift from God and that a relationship with Him can and will help overcome any disability or hardship.
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SCOTT COLEMAN became a quadriplegic due to a water skiing accident at the age of seventeen. After months of rehabilitation Scott returned to high school and graduated the following spring. Four years later, he graduated from the University of Memphis with a degree in finance and economics and began a career helping families and small business owners diversify their investment portfolios. Scott currently lives in Olive Branch, Mississippi, with Linda, his wife of twenty-six years.