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Weird Is Normal When Teenagers Grieve

Jenny Lee Wheeler Heidi Horsley, Psy.D.

Quality of Life Publishing Co
Teens grieve differently from adults and often get lost in the shuffle after the death of a loved one. Weird Is Normal When Teenagers Grieve is unique because it is a self-help book for grieving teens written by an actively grieving teen. Author Jenny Lee Wheeler lost her father to cancer when she was fourteen and validates for her peers that they have the right to grieve in their own way and according to their own timetable, that their grief attacks might be different from those of adults around them, and that they aren't going crazy if they see signs from their loved one. Dr. Heidi Horsley writes in the Foreword, Teen grief is often overlooked and unacknowledged. ¦ Jenny's journey will strike a note with teenagers everywhere who have experienced the loss of someone they love. She gives sound advice and lets them know they are not alone.
Author Bio
Jenny Lee Wheeler is a high school student whose father died of cancer when she was fourteen. She decided to reach out to help other grieving teens through this practical yet inspirational book. She is also the author of Lunch Box Love Notes from Dad and is the illustrator of two children's grief books, Heart-Shaped Pickles and Timmy's Christmas Surprise.