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Spiritual Care to Elderly and Dying Loved Ones

Kevin Quiles

Quality of Life Publishing Co
With our aging community expanding at a substantial rate, new questions and challenges are surfacing about end-of-life care. Spiritual Care to Elderly and Dying Loved Ones uniquely tackles the spiritual distress that commonly occurs as this reality unfolds. Author Kevin Quiles, M.Div., a hospice chaplain with over a decade of experience in the field, illustrates situations that arise at the end of life. The book is divided into three parts: Tools for the Caregiver, Spiritual Care to the Dying, and Spiritual Care After Death. A set of questions and the author's observations for both professionals and laypersons follow each chapter, delivering the perfect vehicle for educational application or group discussions. Quiles teaches us that we can all be effective spiritual caregivers. Whether you are caring for a loved one or are a professional or volunteer at a nursing facility, assisted living home, or hospice, this book provides you with practical insight to guide you through your spiritual care journey.
Author Bio
Kevin Quiles has provided spiritual and bereavement counseling to elderly and dying individuals and their families since 1998. He earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree at Southeastern College in 1987, attained a Masters of Divinity Degree with emphasis in counseling at Reformed Theological Seminary in 1995, and has also completed over two years of clinical-pastoral education under professional supervision. His experience with thousands of patients in hospitals, assisted facilities, and in their own homes gives him the insight and humility to write on the subject of spiritual care. The author has also penned six articles, including “Embracing the Elderly Patients,” “Wish to Die,” and ”Power Patterns within Professional Relationships.” Using experiential and existential perspectives, he mentors and educates students, volunteers, faith communities, and educational institutions in the sacred art of end-of-life counseling.