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Life Without Lisa

A Widowed Father's Compelling Journey Through the Rough Seas of Life

Richard Ballo

206 pages
Quality of Life Publishing Co
Life Without Lisa is a "must read" for anyone who has lost someone dear through death. Author Rich Ballo bares his soul in this brutally honest account of being cast adrift in an ocean of emptiness, anger, and guilt. Lisa was the love of his life, and inventor and successful entrepreneur, a beacon of light to all. During her battle with cancer, everyone was in denial about the seriousness of her disease. When Lisa died, Rich was 39 and their young sons were only five and six. Through Rich's journaling, we are privy to his innermost thought and feelings. We sob when he sobs. We cheer him on when he begins to sense a glimmer of hope. But most of all, we see ourselves in his journey, for love and loss ultimately unite all of humanity.
Author Bio
Richard Ballo lives in Naples, Florida, with his two sons, Victor and Nick. While this is his first published book, he is working on several other book projects, both nonfiction and fiction. When Rich and Lisa married, Rich was a successful technical writer. After the boys were born, he left his position to be a stay-at-home dad. He kept his journalism career alive by writing feature articles for their local newspaper. But after Lisa died, writer's block overwhelmed him, threatening to smother him in a blanket of frustration and failure. Little did he know that the journal he had been diligently writing would transform his insights into a journey that enlightens and assists others with the grieving process.