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A St Ives Christmas Mystery

The must-read festive cosy crime mystery

Allison & Busby Ltd

When tragedy brings Merrin McKenzie back to St Ives, she knows adjusting might take time, even with the comfort of Christmas back in her hometown. Stepping back from her career as a solicitor, she agrees to clean holiday rentals for her friends who own cottages nearby. She anticipates dirty laundry and sandy floors, but she didn't sign up for a dead body, neatly tucked up in one of the guest beds.
The police are baffled by the young man's identity and the strangeness of his death. For Merrin, however, coincidences are beginning to stack up. Even though Inspector Louis Peppiatt is sceptical of her theories, something sinister is hiding beneath the festive surface of this charming seaside town. As the case unfolds, a dark side to the Cornish coast emerges.

Author Bio
Deborah Fowler has published over 600 short stories and fifteen novels over the decades. She has also written a number of non-fiction books on subjects such as guides for small business and money management. Deborah lives in a small hamlet just outside St Ives.