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Would I Have Sexted Back in the 80s?

A Modern Guide to Parenting Digital Teens, Derived from Lessons of the Past

Allison Ochs

116 pages
Amsterdam University Press
Since smartphones have made their debut, a clear sense of frustration can be felt by parents around the globe. Be it social media, bullying, porn, gaming, tv-series or sexting; parents are overwhelmed or insecure as they struggle to keep up with the yet newest app. Drawing on stories from her past, Allison Ochs reminds us of what it was like to be a teen. She makes you smile while making fun of her teen self. Her answers to today's problems are realistic ways to approach your teens who are dealing with the same emotions we had, however, now with their ever-present digital devices in hand. The simplicity of what she suggests will enlighten you as she gently nudges you to think about how you're dealing with the your teens online world.
Author Bio
Allison Ochs is an expert and storyteller in digital citizenship. She is the founder and owner of EDIT Change Management, the author of Would I Have Sexted Back in the 80s?, and the director of Oscar & Zoe, a series of children's books on technology in our lives.