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Color and Empathy

Essays on Two Aspects of Film

Christine Brinckmann

270 pages
Amsterdam University Press
The collection of essays brings together texts from two decades, documenting two of the author's ongoing areas of interest: the poetics of colour in film as well as affective viewer responses. Employing a bottom-up approach as a basis for theoretical exploration, each of the essays concentrates on a particular film or a number of related films to come to terms with a set of issues. These include the differences between black-and-white and color works, the emergence of bold chromatic schemes in the 1950s, experimental aesthetics of color negative stock, idiosyncratic uses of colour, idiosyncratic uses of motor mimicry, genre-specific reactions to the documentary, and empathetic reactions to animals and to architecture in film.
Author Bio
Christine N. Brinckmannis professor emerita of the Department of Cinema Studies at the University of Zürich. She has published widely on the poetics of film, on documentary and experimental work, on narrative, and on viewer response.