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Kabbalah vol 57

298 pages
Cherub Press

Studies in English

Daniel Abrams: 'There Never Was an Alternative Way' – Masculine Domination over the Feminization of the Moon in the Talmudic Parable and a Thirteenth-Century Kabbalistic Commentary on the Blessing of the Moon

Gerrit Bos: Neologisms and Other Difficult Terms in the Sefer ha-Zohar: Novel Interpretations III

Oded Porat: The Formula 'a=a+a' in the Kabbalistic Book of the Fountain of Wisdom and in Kashmir Śaivism – The Twofold Non-Dual Mystical Experience as a Linguistic World-View

Eugene D. Matanky: Identifying Solomon Alqabeṣ's and Moses Cordovero's Autographs – A Preliminary Catalog of Safedian Kabbalistic Manuscripts

Studies in Hebrew

Jonatan Meir: An Unpublished Manuscript in Defense of Bratslav Hasidism

Yossi Greenfield: Was R. Ezra of Gerona a Teacher of Nahmanides in Kabbalah?

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