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Kabbalah vol. 50

Journal for the Study of Jewish Mystical Texts

Daniel Abrams

320 pages
Cherub Press

Studies in English

Elliot R. Wolfson: Malkhut Ein Sof and Ṣimṣum – Gender Construction in the Kabbalistic Speculation of Jonathan Eibeschütz with Special Reference to Wa-Avo ha-Yom el ha-Ayin

Daniel Abrams: Divine Multiplicity – The Presentation of Differing Sefirotic Diagrams in Kabbalistic Manuscripts

Na'ama Ben-Shachar: The Author of 'Sefer ha-Qelippot' (The Book of Shells)

Studies in Hebrew

Jonatan Meir: An Unknown Letter from Nathan of Gaza to the Communities of Poland, 1665

Leore Sachs-Shmueli, Iris Felix, and Ruth Kara-Ivanov Kaniel: R. Joseph Angelet's Twenty-Four Secrets (Introduction, Study and Edition)