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Climate Change, The Choice is Ours

The Facts, Our Future, and Why There's Hope!

David Miles Albert Pinilla

32 pages
Bushel & Peck Books

Climate change: would you leave it to chance?

With colorful illustrations, simple text, and research from trusted sources like NASA, NOAA, and the United Nations, Climate Change: The Choice is Ours is the interactive book that outlines the causes of climate change and gently explores its consequences like rising sea levels, more extreme weather, and more. Though not shy about uncomfortable realities, Climate Change: The Choice is Ours also emphatically teaches hope for the future and includes timely recommendations for what kids and their families can do. Most importantly, the book's built-in spinner offers readers a choice on every page: spin the arrow and leave climate change to chance or do something about it!

From the book:

Speaking Up

Solving climate change will require that individuals, communities, businesses, and nations to work together for the common good. Bringing people together for the common good. Not everyone agrees that climate change is happening or how serious it is. But if people speak out and show that climate change matters to them, more governments and businesses will take it seriously and decide to act. You can be one of those people.