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American Residential Architecture

Photographs of the Evolution of Indiana Houses

Craig Kuhner Alan Ward Craig Kuhner

240 pages
Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers Llc
In the early nineteenth century, Indiana was at the intersection of ideas from the East and the frontier - resulting in a unique opportunity to express creative adaptions of residential architectural styles in America. Industrialization later in the century created a new wealth to build extraordinary houses outside of cities; by the early twentieth century, Americans had created their own distinctive residential architecture with the Prairie Style. This 288 page compendium includes over ninety houses in Indiana which are representative of the finest American residential architecture, from the Federal and Classical Revival style to Modern. The fascinating story of the evolution of residential architecture elaborates on the character defining features of each period, including the exterior form, massing, details as well as interiors - all beautifully illustrated in large format black and white photographs.