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STRANG Architecture - Masterpiece Series

Byron Hawes Max Strang Claudio Manzoni

216 pages
Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers Llc
Architecture is the most transformative of the arts. It surrounds us, envelops us, caresses us. Despite being located in Miami’s lush urban oasis of Coconut Grove, Max Strang’s iconic Rock House transports its occupants across oceans and realities, into a magically sublime alternative full of whispers of Bali and Sri Lanka, and echoes of the rich cultural legacy of India and Southeast Asia. Technically stunning, and formally exceptional, the houses interaction with its environment, open-plan, and use of local materials (in this case, Miami’s local oolitic limestone), is emblematic of Strang’s philosophy and architectural values of eco-friendly modernism. Winner of multiple awards, and fêted in cinema and on television alike, the Rock House is one of modern residential architecture’s treasures.