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Kabbalah vol 54

332 pages
Cherub Press

Kabbalah 54 (2022) 332 pp. ISBN 978-1-933379-99-9 $96

Studies in English

Daniel Abrams: Textual Variance in the Book Bahir: Alternative Versions in Marginal Glosses and Across Multiple Witnesses — A High-Resolution Inquiry to a Brief Passage

Daniel Abrams: Magical Metatron — Adjurations to Confirm the Identity of a Thief

Studies in Hebrew

Hillel Feuerstein: Commentary on the Passover Haggada from the Circle of Sefer ha-Temuna — Study and Edition

Liran Haim Lavi Breslaw: The Formation of a Work: The Kabbalist-Scribe as Co-Author: The Manuscript Witnesses to Sefer ha-Gevul

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