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‘Who is a Beautiful Maiden without Eyes’ and the Riddle of the Tayʿa: A Chapter in the History of Kabbalah in the Second Half of the Thirteenth Century

"מהו עולימתא שפירתא ולית לה עיינין" וחידת הטייעא: פרק בתולדות הקבלה במחצית השניה של המאה הי"ג, מאת עודד פורת

Oded Porat

352 pages
Cherub Press
A full analysis of the text of the riddle of the Tayʿa, found at the head of Sabba deMispatim section of the Zohar, followed by an historical discussion of the role of the writings of R. Yitzhak haCohen and R. Moshe of Burgos as sources to a specific doctrine found in what appears to be the early sections of the Zohar. The text is examined through its sources, displaying a range of inner Jewish traditions from post-biblical literature to the late midrash, that reveal a specific system of thought presented by the text of the riddle. This discussion presents myth as created from real zoological features and uses precise scientific tools, especially taxonomy, to determine the identification of each part of the riddle. The book then moves to present the writings of these two kabbalists, their place in the history of Kabbalah and their contributions to the main features of Zoharic writing, such as the use of pseudepigraphy and Aramaic, as well as the main interest in the doctrine of evil, that served as the foundations for Zoharic sections dealing with this subject. The book does not necessitate a linear reading. Uninsured shipments are sent at customer's risk. Other forms and pricing is available for insured shipping. Please do not use an Institute or university address as many packages are lost and regular shipping is not insured. Before ordering, please note the language of the book as described below in each entry as all sales are final. Prepayment Required. Payment must be made in US dollars by Credit Card of Check with Computer readable routing numbers drawn on a US bank. All sales are final and subject to the policy, terms and conditions set out by Bookmasters for Cherub Press. Shipments are not insured unless requested. Cherub Press is not responsible for any losses occurring in transit whether by postal services, or private carriers. Shipments are sent at customer's risk. All claims for damaged books must be reported to Bookmasters within 5 days of receipt of shipment at 1-800-247-6553. Customer must retain all original packaging. Other claims are not considered if made more than 60 days from date of order. שימו לב שמשלוחים בדואר ישראל לא כוללים ביטוח ואין ההוצאה אחרית על איבוד המשלוח על ידי דואר ממשלתי או פרטי. מומלץ לא למסור כתובת של מוסד (מכון או אוניברסיטה) משום שהרבה משלוחים אובדים בדרך זו והאחריות מוטלת רק על הקונה. כדאי לבחור במשלוח מבוטח בתעריף אחר. אין ההוצאה אחרית על משלוחים לא מבוטחים.
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