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Kabbalah vol 55

320 pages
Cherub Press

Studies in English

Elliot R. Wolfson: Phenomenology, Theosophic Topography and the Structures of Being - Unveiling the Seventh of Scholem's Ten Unhistorical Aphorisms on the Kabbalah

Daniel Abrams: Metatron as Logos - The First Created Light of the Intellect in Jacob ha-Kohen's Book of Illumination

Gerrit Bos: Interpretations to Neologisms in the Sefer ha-Zohar

Nathan Wolski: The Mystical-Liturgical Limits of Yiddish: A Yiddish Chapter in Kabbalistic Kavvanot

Morris M. Faierstein: An Unknown Yiddish Version of Sefer Gan Eden, Hanau, 1620

Studies in Hebrew

Daniel Abrams: Textual Criticism of Sefer Yesira in the Scribal Notations of Scribes and Kabbalists

Avi Kallenbach: In the Margins of the Printed Zohar: Marginalia as Evidence for the Evolution of Kabbalah Study in Italy

Tzvi Luboshitz: There is Absolutely no Despair in the World? The Prayer of the Messiah from within the Shells by Moses David Valle

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