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American Busboy

Matthew Guenette

77 pages
University of Akron Press
In American Busboy, a wry anti-mythology, the anti-hero busboy in an anonymous Clam Shack! tangles with the monotonous delirium of work, the indignities and poor pay of unskilled labor, the capricious deus ex machina of mean-spirited middle management, the zombified consumption of summer tourists, while jostling for the goddess-like attentions of waitresses and hostesses”all battered up in sizzlingly crisp wit and language, and deep-fried in a shiny glaze of surrealism. ”Lee Ann Roripaugh
Author Bio
Matthew Guenette's poems have appeared in Barn Owl Review, Anti-, New Orleans Review, Quarterly West, and The National Poetry Review. He lives and works in Madison, Wisconsin, and is the author of Sudden Anthem.