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Faith Man

Wild Adventures with a Faithful God - The Story of David Lamb

Ralph Turner David Lamb

192 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Dave Lamb is about to take you on a roller-coaster ride. From drugs and drink, burglary and borstal to a faith-filled life with the presence of Jesus, this is one exciting adventure! From one supernatural event after another, one miracle after another, the pace is breath-taking, but at the same time Dave is open and honest about the challenges and opposition he has had to face in the outworking of God’s will for his life. His wife Joyce has been his companion throughout. There have been times of great anointing and blessing, times of needing to cry out to God in desperation. Yet through everything this is a wonderful testimony to the love, mercy and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ! A riveting, modern-day book of Acts that will re-ignite your faith to believe that nothing is impossible with God! Karen Davis, Worship Director, Co-founder Carmel Congregation, Mt Carmel, Israel
Author Bio
Ralph Turner ============ Ralph Turner is married to Roh. They have four adult children and two grandchildren. Ralph is team pastor for Mission24 and chair of the Leprosy Mission England & Wales. You can find Ralph’s blog at www.mountain50.blogspot.com. David Lamb ========== David and Joyce Lamb serve as pastors of Ashford Christian Fellowship. They are regular speakers at Christian events and still travel the world declaring the gospel. You can find the church site at www.acfchurch.org.uk.