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What If God's Not Like That?

Adam Dyer

260 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
The apostle Paul said that the law can't save us and that it's irrelevant. So what if, instead of being weighed down by the law, we were invited to meet God with all our fears, shame and failures. Unknown is a fresh reading of the Ten Commandments encouraging us to view them as liberating rather than condemning. As we read through Paul's letters the theme of grace over law is prevalent time and time again. He frequently describes us as children of grace, recipients of grace, free from the law and delivered from the law, He urges us not to put ourselves back under the law but to live in the freedom we have been given. He declares that the law could not save us but we are saved by the death and resurrection of Jesus. If Paul's principal message was grace over law then why have we used his writings to construct a whole new law? How have we got it so wrong? And why did Paul think the law was such a problem? In Unknown Adam Dyer seeks to get to the heart Paul's teaching by reading the laws of the Ten Commandments in a fresh way.
Author Bio
Originally from Manchester, Adam Dyer is leader of Yeovil Community Church in the south west of England. He is an innovator of church and community and a communicator of hope. He is married to Rachel and has four children.