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Don't Steal the Staples

Towards a Better Vision for Faith in the Workplace

Peter Ibison

144 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
What is God’s purpose in work? What does this mean for the way in which we do our work? The world of work for the Christian can sometimes be perceived as an environment not always sympathetic to Christian values. It can sometimes feel like a spiritual battleground in which we often feel totally unprepared. We know a God whose purposes are good and for our welfare, but there is also an enemy who wants to “steal and kill and destroy”. Representing a wide cross-section of organisational levels and including very real stories of ‘successes’ and ‘failures’, Peter Ibison provides helpful and practical suggestions as to how to live as a Christian in the workplace. Don’t Steal The Staples is written for anyone in paid employment or as working as a volunteer. It is written for professionals and non-professionals. For those at the start of their working life but also for those who are older, confirming experiences or offering an opportunity for meaningful reflection and redirection.
Author Bio
Peter Ibison ============

Peter Ibison has been employed across roles in IT, Marketing, Finance and Regulation. He has an MBA and professional qualifications in Marketing and Law and is currently progressing studies in Theology. He has served as a Licensed Lay Minister within the Anglican church in the Oxford diocese and contributed to published Christian devotional material over a number of years. Peter is married to Margaret, lives in Sheffield and has two grown-up children.