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Home at Last

Freedom from Boarding School Pain

Mark Stibbe

248 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Sent away to boarding school on his eighth birthday, Mark Stibbe watched his adoptive parents drive down a gravel road, leaving him standing in front of a huge country house with his trunk and his teddy. That night he was given the first of four beatings in his first two weeks. Ten years later, towards the end of his time at Britains oldest public school, Mark was then subjected to further brutal abuse, along with twenty other boys, by a man who infiltrated the Christian forum.; Mark Stibbe wrote Home at Last to show how those wounded by their boarding school experiences can find lasting healing. Having been through the process of recovery himself, Mark now tells his story and shares a unique, faith-based perspective and how to start the journey towards freedom from the abandonment and abuse that so often marks the boarding experience.
Author Bio
Dr. Mark Stibbe is an award-winning Christian author who has more than 30 popular books and five academic books in print. Many of his popular books have been published by Monarch (I Am Your Father, 2010), SPCK (My Fathers Tears, 2014) and Authentic Media (The Presents of God, 2014). His academic books are required reading in universities and seminaries all over the world. He recently colloborated with New Yortk Times Bestselling Author GP Taylor on his first novel, The Fate of Kings.