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Gerald Coates Pioneer: A Biography

Ralph Turner

244 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Gerald Coates Pioneer is different. A pastor, a pioneer and a provocateur. His bold prophetic ministry, both in terms of speaking prophetically and in terms of living that way, has challenged the established church. This book celebrates Gerald’s life. Now in his seventies, he’s still going strong. And the message he brings is just as relevant to the church today. You may not know it, but if you live in the UK, your church and your locality have more than likely been affected in some way by Gerald’s ministry! This book will inspire and encourage you. Along the way, you will meet some amazing people. Some famous. Some less well known. But all important to a story that has helped change the church as we know it.
Author Bio
Ralph Turner is a leader and director of KingsGate churches and is part of their Leicester congregation. He is married to Roh with four adult children. Turner has worked in the pensions industry for most of his career. He is an author and blogger.