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Ho Ho Ho! A Pirate's Christmas For Me

32 pages
Sweet Cherry Publishing Llc

The origin story of Santa Claus - with a pirate twist!

Nic and Kris Beard are pirate twins who spend their days sailing the seven seas in search of swashbuckling adventure. But these pirates in training couldn’t be more different! Nic is naughty while Kris is nice.

One day, naughty Nic swipes Kris’s special necklace, and Kris tumbles overboard and into the ocean. He washes up on an island full of woodworking elves who teach him to make toys. Years later, sad and lonely, Nic goes in search of his twin, wishing they could be friends once more. Together, Nic and Kris learn love and acceptance - and discover that they are a little bit magical in the process …

Author Bio

Struggling with dyslexia as a child, Red loved to weave stories in her head rather than putting pen to paper. Red started writing more once her little boy came along. Her stories are filled with hugs and humor for children and adults alike, and are ideal for bedtime reading – the perfect made-by-mum books! Things that make Red happy are big bowls of spaghetti, cats and Halloween.

Jack Button is a talented illustrator with a passion for storytelling through pictures.  Jack is based in Europe but travels all over the world through the power of his illustrations. Passionate about drawing Jack does all of his work on a digital tablet and yet his technique gives the impression of traditional painting.