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Moby Dick

136 pages
Sweet Cherry Publishing Llc

The Symbolized Classic is specifically designed for readers with learning disabilities and those with Special Education Needs. Utilizing a wide range of accessible features, this book aims to provide an easier reading experience for many to enjoy. Presenting an accessible approach to reading, the text provides images / symbols that sit above the key words. These provide visual clues for the reader, enhancing comprehension and cognition. This Symbolized Classic aims to remove barriers to reading, enabling people with learning difficulties to read using a rebus image system, rather than relying solely on the words.

Also featuring simplified text, clear illustrations, a free audio book and an additional signed video. An abridged version of a well-loved classic, enabling readers with Special Needs and Communication Disabilities to foster a love of reading.

An adapted, illustrated and accessible edition of Herman Melville’s classic and thrilling adventure now featuring symbols alongside the text to support reading.

Enjoy Every Cherry’s new adaptation of Easier Classics’ Moby Dick featuring illustrations, sensory features and symbols to accompany the text to aid in reading comprehension and accessibility. Our shorter versions of the text allow for the same great stories to be delivered in a condensed but still equally fun and entertaining edition of Herman Melville’s thrilling book.

This story follows Ishmael as he joins a ship to become a whale hunter. But it ends up being more dangerous than Ishamel expected when the captain searches for the biggest and wildest whale. Soon, Ishmael believes he may never make it back onto land again …


Author Bio

Herman Melville was an American novelist, short story writer, and poet of the American Renaissance period.

Arianna is a freelance illustrator based in Florence, Italy, where she majored in Entertainment Design at Nemo Academy. Since then she has worked as a 2D artist with Italian independent video game studios. The Sherlock Holmes series is her debut novel as an illustrator for Children’s books.