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Hopeless Heroes: Jason's Wild Winds!

Stella Tarakson Nick Roberts

208 pages
Sweet Cherry Publishing Llc

Book 6 in the Hopeless Heroes series that takes readers on fun adventures back to Ancient Greece!

All Tim wanted was advice on keeping his model boat afloat, but when Zoe is injured, only Jason and the Argonut can help him to save her.
"Lose the sail, little bro!"
There’s no joyriding allowed, but with bronze men and Grey Women – not to mention an old windbag to deal with, Tim’s still got that sinking feeling… 

About the Hopeless Heroes series:
Hopeless Heroes is a fun-filled series about Greek mythology, adventure and what it means to be a hero. Readers aged 7+ will love diving into the world of Tim Baker and his (sort of) friend Hercules. Illustrations throughout. All titles are also leveled for classroom use, including GRLs.
Author Bio
Stella Tarakson===============Stella majored in law, but writing was always her passion. Before long, she left her 'sensible' job and plunged into the world of publishing. She has now written over 30 books. As the daughter of Greek immigrants, Stella was steeped in Greek mythology, and she uses her love of Greece in her books.Nick Roberts============Nick Roberts was born in Colwyn Bay, North Wales, and moved to Somerset when he was five years old. He turned the art studio at his school into his second home, and qualified with a BA Hons in graphic design from Bristol Polytechnic in 1986. His most memorable project has been the branding of the European Youth Olympics in Bath. Nick moved back to Somerset to set up a home studio in 2007.