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Charles Dickens: Oliver Twist

Charles Dickens Phillip Gooden Pipi Sposito

96 pages
Sweet Cherry Publishing Llc

An illustrated adaptation of Charles Dickens's Victorian classic – at an easy-to-read level for readers of all ages!

Oliver Twist is poor. Always has been, always will be. Being born in a workhouse means that you’ll probably always be treated like rubbish. Oliver does not want a life of hard work and measly meals, but he soon learns that it’s never safe to ask for more …

What Oliver really needs is a family. But is a family of thieves, kidnappers and killers really a family at all?

About Sweet Cherry Easy Classics:
Sweet Cherry Easy Classics adapts classic literature into illustrated stories for children, introducing these timeless tales to a new generation. (All titles in the series are leveled for classroom use, including GRLs.)

Author Bio
Tracey Mayhew is a full-time school teacher and part-time writer of fantasy, horror, rom-coms and children’s books. When she isn’t teaching or writing, she can be found spending time with friends and family, hiking in the British countryside and watching any number of TV shows and movies.